One of the most frequently asked questions by dog owners is what can dogs eat? Can we share our favorite foods with our pets

Fruit dogs can eat

  • Apples- Yes, if you remove the core and seeds
  • Bananas- Yes, in moderation
  • Blue Berries- Yes, a healthy treat containing fibers, minerals, vitamins and antioxidents.
  • Cantaloupe- Yes
  • Cranberries- Yes, In small quantities
  • Lemons, Not too dangerous but better to avoid.
  • Mango, Yes but beware of Mango as an allergen.
  • Oranges- Yes, but a small amount
  • Pears- Yes, in moderation.
  • Pineapple- Yes, in small amount.
  • Watermelon – Yes, but make sure seeds and rind are removed.