What Exactly Does The Pet App Do?

The Pet App is a social app that lets pet owners have fun while ensuring their pet leads a healthy and happy life.

Meet and message friends. Earn coupons for pet food and supplies. Schedule dates and appointments while participating in a map based adventure world and marketplace with your pet and their friends.

How it Works for pet owners 

Download The App

Download the App from the the Apple or Android store, and get started meeting friends and adventuring with your pet.

Set up your Pet Profile

Set up your pet profile for your precious little animal.  This can include name, age, breed, birthday, location, and other traits.

Schedule Appointments

The Pet App will automatically alert you for dates with friends, events and experiences around you, scheduled appointments with your vet.

How it Works For Vets


Discover insights into your existing customer inventory and gain new client clarities.

Predictive Analytics

Predict Outcomes and increase client next step decision making capabilities.


Recommend the best next actions to make the most out of every engagement.

Schedule Appointment

Generate new patient leads and increase existing customer compliance through our proprietary mobile application.

How it Works as a Marketplace

Add your product or service to the ecosystem

Generate new leads and revenue streams by adding a product or service icon into a map based adventure world for pets and their owners.

increased bookings

The Pet App generates new leads for pet based experiences and adventure travel.


Affiliate Programs


Booking services


Trusted booking agent

Investor Portal

Seed round capital raise

Get in early on investment opportunities. 

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