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Love your pooch and your walks? We’re building community in your area. Participate as an Alpha or beta version as we grow.

key functionalities 

The Pet App allows you to check into dog parks to become the persona of your pet. In this map based adventure world you can meet and message friends, schedule dates and appointments.


Check into dog parks


Meet and Message Friends


Choose a Home Vet


Schedule Dates and Appointments with vets


Book Travel and Experiences

play with your pet profile

The Pet App is an interactive map based messaging app for healthy pet connections. The app aims to create and deliver value to pet owners by delivering experiences and services that they need in a way that satisfies their expectations for healthy pet connections.

First steps in the app

Check into Fav dogpark

Find friendsMessage friends

choose vet

 build your profile


Choose Your Vet & Build Your Animal Profile

Check into dog parks  and build a healthy pet profile.

Build Your Pack

Make friends based on breed and locations.

Schedule Appointments/Book adventure travel

The Pet App lets you schedule appointments with your home vet and book adventure travel.